“A burial interrupted”, TR Ericsson interview on Artsy

Every work I make, every thought I put into it, every dialogue that surrounds the work in one way or another is an endless attempt to relate myself to that moment, the moment and immediate aftermath of her death, maybe that sounds crazy and maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t, it doesn’t really matter. It is what I do. Like a strip tease in reverse I’m trying to dress this raw unspeakable moment’s effect on everything that came after it and even before it.

In his comprehensive and compelling interview on Artsy, TR Ericsson reflects on his “Crackle & Drag” project, an extensive body of work he has been building on after being left with over a 100 years worth of family archive following his mother’s suicide in 2003. The interview offers some great insights into Ericsson’s practice and position as an artist, and contains a couple of thought-provoking quotes that give extra background to his current show “Industrial Poems – Poèmes Industriels” in Brussels.

TR Ericsson, Can you hear her blacks crackle and drag?, Vacuum formed black polystyrene, 12×12 inches – 30.5×30.5 cm, Edition of 2 + 1 AP, 2018

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