Amélie Bouvier and Andrea Éva Győri in Exchange

Amélie Bouvier, But Keep Your Feet on the Ground, videostill, 2014

Exchange is a month of screenings in public space featuring video art by ten artists in five different cities. Amélie Bouvier will show her video works next to those of Lisa Lauffs in Hoensbroek, while Andrea Éva Győri will present hers next to those of Anna Sophie de Vries in The Hague.

Exchange is a project by Viewmaster, Maastricht in collaboration with various Dutch cultural spaces (Greylight Projects, Hoensbroek; Garage, Rotterdam; LIMA; Heden and Pennings Foundation), curated by Mique Eggermont and Wouter Huis amongst others, and supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.


Greylight Projects Hoensbroek /
Burgemeester Kessenplein 1
Hoensbroek, The Netherlands

Heden /
Denneweg 14
The Hague, The Netherlands

06.12.2018 > 06.01.2019
17:00 > 23:00

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