Willehad Eilers


Willehad Eilers (1981, Peine, Germany) also works under the pseudonym Wayne Horse. Beginning his career in the German graffiti scene, Eilers later went on to graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts in Amsterdam. He continues to live and work in the Dutch capital today. His eclectic body of work comprises video, drawing, performance and installation, and is distinctive for its lyrical quality, playful humour and expressiveness. A recurring narrative in his oeuvre revolves around the bizarre, occasionally ugly but always compelling aspects of humanity. To refer to Willehad Eilers as an artist-ethnographer is not too much of a stretch. Describing his practice as an investigation of the heuristically learnt political and cultural mores that define contemporary society, Eilers gently nudges us towards a poetic realisation of our social selves through his highly performative range of paintings, installations, videos and drawings. Infused with a mischievous, effortless confidence, Eilers’ crude-style works offer us anthropological insight into his observations of the flawed human condition and its perpetual evolution. He unflinchingly presents us with images that convey the disposition of the modern individual towards grotesque, even masturbatory obsessions. Underlying his practice is an artistic methodology that recalls the theorist James Clifford’s concept of “ethnographic surrealism”: he assails the quotidian situations that we think are familiar, and renders them unrecognisable. By mounting successive challenges to the hegemonic boundaries of our imagination, Eilers provokes his viewers into directly interacting with his highly unique works.


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Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Alter Senator, Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels, BE

Dangerously rich, Palermo Galerie, Stuttgart, DE

Haufen und Biester, Klattendiek, Bremen, DE
Celebrity Beach, Frameshop, Felix Meritis, Amsterdam, NL

FREIZEITGEIST, Mink projects, Amsterdam, NL
Das paradies, HLP project space, Brussels, BE
Youth wars, Unruly gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Das scheissleben, AF galerie, cologne, DE

Great Tales of Moral, Selfsevice openartspce, Stuttgart, DE
More Future, HLP projectspace, Brussels, BE

Make me proud, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, NL
Moment Mal, Galo Art Gallery, Torino, IT

German Swinehundt in Rotterdam, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, NL
Mildly Amusing, Wolf and Pack, Amsterdam, NL

Teenwolf does time, Sign, Groningen, NL
Give those people air, Spiritroom, Berlin, DE

Selected Group Exhibitions

The Devil and me, A Juan Space, Amsterdam, NL
Sculpture:Film, All together now, Rotterdam, NL

To get there, All together now, Rotterdam, NL

Riders on the Storm, Olympus Photography playground, Kasbank amsterdam, NL
Pictoplasma10, Kaufhaus Jandorf, Berlin, DE
Brain whores, ODRADEK, copenhagen, DK
Works on paper 2, Kallenbach Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
Wunderkamer, Gallery 33, Amsterdam, NL
Especially you, MOHS exhibit, copenhagen, DK
Art medal in a global world, FIDEM XXXIII, Sofia, BG

John fox and wayne horse, Kallenbach gallery Amsterdam, NL
Costume: written clothing, tramway, glasgow, UK
Gloomy prospects and lucid adventures, NEST, Den Haag, NL
Works on paper, Kallenbach galerie, Amsterdam, NL

The kids are allright, Kunsthal rotterdam, Rotterdam, NL
Groupshow,HLP project space, Brussels, BE
Urban art efx, CBK Amsterdam, NL
Old dogs, new tricks, Majke Husstege, den bosch, NL
Yes, we are open, NIMK Nederlands Instituut voor MediaKunst, Amsterdam, NL
LUX/ICA biennale of moving images, institute of contemporary art, the mall, london, UK
City of Dog, CBK den bosch, den bosch, NL
She doesnt care, EB&Flow gallery, London, UK

Human nest, De Meerse, Hoofdorp, NL
Mohs Exhibit, Copenhagen, DK
Sex, de paraplu fabriek, Nijmengen, NL
Munt met een Missie, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Utrecht, NL
Sweatboxing 2, Leto GAllery, Warsaw, PL
Cowboys und Aliens, helium cowboy, Hamburg, DE
COMMA, Pallazzo della Penna, Perugia, IT
Light part 2, Gallery Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam, NL
Twente Biennale, Hengelo, NL
Picnic at beit hair, Beit Hair, Tel Aviv, IL
Nacht, eddie the eagle museum, amsterdam, NL
Light-part 1, Paradise row gallery, london, UK

April Rules, No Borders Gallery, Hong Kong, HK
Grow Ups, CCC, Shizuoka city, JP
Popjugend, Gallery Majke H?sstege, Den Bosch, NL
Don’t Worry, Be Happy, Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam, NL

DROPSTUFF, La Biennale di Venezia, Venezia, IT
PICTOPIA, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, DE
RijksakademieOPEN, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL
Warriors, loners, and space travellers, Galerie Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam, NL

Standpunten, Centraal Museum, Utrecht, NL

Nederclips, Sm’s Stedelijk Museum ’s Hertogenbosch, Den Bosch, NL
Playgrounds Festival, Tilburg, NL

Max Wright was Right, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, NL

Overschilderen / Overpainting, Brussel, BE
Streetsy2k, New Jersey, USA

VAV 25, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, NL

Awards, Grants, and Residencies

Nomination international competition, Kasseler Dokfest, DE

Nomination, international competition Winterthur Filmfestival, CH
Mondriaan Fonds, bewezen talent, NL

WDNX award, best international film, winnipeg, CA

Familie Hunting Fellowship, NL
Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten/Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, NL

Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Chagall Fonds and Gerard Hordijk Fonds, NL
Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam, NL

Volkskrant kunstprijs, NL

One Minute Award, NL

Streets y2k Video Festival, US


Prague short film festival, Prague, CZ

Kasseler Dokfest, Kassel, DE
Winterthur Film Festival, Winterthur, CH
Hamburger kurzfilm Festival, Hamburg, DE
The One Minutes on Tour, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, CN
IFFR, Rotterdam, NL

Portland underground film festival, hollywood theatre, portland, USA
Modern times, Eye filmmuseum, Amsterdam, NL
Skindeep, Eye filmmuseum, Amsterdam, NL
Frisse Oren, Tilburg, NL

Incubate festival, Tilburg, NL

The ill-mannered milkman, Version 1, Impakt Event, Utrecht, NL

Presentation and premiere of Elefantboy, Impakt Event, Utrecht, NL
Pictoplasma Festival, Berlin, DE

Media Art Festival Friesland, Leeuwarden, NL

Teek Film en Animatie Festival, Breda, NL

Lectures and Workshops

Guest advising at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL

Workshop and guest advising at EEA, Berlin, DE

Stopmotion animation workshop, Nowhere, Amsterdam, NL

Presentation at haus der kulturen der welt pictopia, Berlin, DE

Presentation at pictoplasma, Berlin, DE

Alter Senator, Installation view
Alter Senator