“A burial interrupted”, TR Ericsson interview on Artsy

Every work I make, every thought I put into it, every dialogue that surrounds the work in one way or another is an endless attempt to relate myself to that moment, the moment and immediate aftermath of her death, maybe that sounds crazy and maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t, it doesn’t really matter. It is what I do. Like a strip tease in reverse I’m trying to dress this raw unspeakable moment’s effect on everything that came after it and even before it.

In his comprehensive and compelling interview on Artsy, TR Ericsson reflects on his “Crackle & Drag” project, an extensive body of work he has been building on after being left with over a 100 years worth of family archive following his mother’s suicide in 2003. The interview offers some great insights into Ericsson’s practice and position as an artist, and contains a couple of thought-provoking quotes that give extra background to his current show “Industrial Poems – Poèmes Industriels” in Brussels.

TR Ericsson, Can you hear her blacks crackle and drag?, Vacuum formed black polystyrene, 12×12 inches – 30.5×30.5 cm, Edition of 2 + 1 AP, 2018

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TR Ericsson at Shaheen Gallery

TR Ericsson will open a new exhibition titled “Blue”at Shaheen in Cleveland on November 16th. The title “Blue”, which refers to the pigment that was used to make the work, resonates the personal story behind the work and the relationship between the artist and the subject, his brother, while at the same time directly linking back to significant earlier works within Ericsson’s oeuvre and carrying with it a set of undeniable cultural references.

“These are images of my brother Mikey. They’re not portraits in a traditional sense. You just see a hooded youth screwing around in the woods. Mikey was maybe nineteen when I took the pictures, he’s closer to thirty now. The works are all blue, made with a powdered pigment you’d usually mix into a paint. They were created using the same process I used for the powdered graphite drawings, which involved forcing the pigment through silkscreens (photographic stencils)…. it’s more difficult than that brief description implies. Mikey is a tattoo artist, and blue is what black tattoo ink looks like under the skin after the tattoo heals. A tattoo is a wound, or a decorative scar. Any image can have this evidential aspect, capturing or witnessing a wounded moment, or a scared reality. The works in the show are titled after well known accepted names of classic tattoos — like “Born To Lose” — or after common tattoo imagery like snakes or daggers.”

TR Ericsson, Prisoner of Love, Powdered pigment on Paper, 22 x 30 inches, 2018


“(…)To dig deeper, I would highly recommend James Baldwin’s short story Sonny’s Blues, which, coincidentally, is about two brothers.”

Shaheen Modern and Contemporary Art
740 West Superior Avenue, Suite 101
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


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Győri Andrea Éva: Phantasy after Analyses

Andrea Éva Győri, who’s upcoming solo show will open at Harlan Levey Projects in January 2019,
will present her work in “Phantasy after Analyses”, which opens in Budapest on Wednesday November 14th. The show is part of the Fotóhónap 2018 Biennial, the Hungarian Month of Photography Festival, and is curated by Lili Boros, curator of the Ferenczy Museum Center. During the opening there will be a speech by Brigitta Muladi, art historian and curator of the Ferenczy Museum Center.

Andrea Éva Győri, Mom Makes the Bed, HD Video, 7 minutes, 2017

Phantasy after Analyses
MIKVEH Gallery
Buda Castle, Western Cellars
1014 Budapest, Palota út 1

15.11.2018 > 02.12.2018

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No New Enemies is part of the Caveat project

Before the opening of the gallery, we co-founded the No New Enemies network, an internationally recognized non-profit organization active in public art and arts education. Today this network manages The Penthouse Art Residency and is a research partner in Caveat. Caveat is a collective research project looking into the ecology of the artistic practice and the artist’ contract.

We encourage you to have a look at the Caveat website and follow this project closely.

Cillian O’Neill in the Caveat programme during Bâtard Brussels 2018 at Beursschouwburg, © Cillian O’Neill

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Emmanuel Van der Auwera at CENTRALE

Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s work will be part of “Resistance”, a group show at the CENTRALE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART. Within the scope of 2018, year of protest, the City of Brussels celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of 1968. The show at CENTRALE combines historical works from 1968 with contemporary pieces of Belgian and international artist reflecting the act of protest and resistance, while looking into the relationship between the arts, society and the many political challenges it is confronted with.

Place Sainte-Catherine 44
Brussels, Belgium

27.09.2018 > 27.01.2019
18:00 > 20:30

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Willehad Eilers September exhibitions

Willehad Eilers will be presenting work in 3 different exhibitions throughout the Netherlands during the month of September.

Willehad Eilers, Here Comes The Weekend, acrylic on canvas, 140 x 190 cm

You can find him at:

Market Forces
HE.RO Gallery Amsterdam
Beitelkade 4
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

15.09.2018 > 27.10.2018
Opening :
17:00 > 20:00

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The Line Up: The Power of Drawing
Centraal Museum Utrecht
Agnietenstraat 1
Utrecht, The Netherlands

22.09.2018 > 18.11.2018

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MURALS Inc. @ Art The Hague
Fokker Terminal, Binckhorstlaan 249
The Hague, The Netherlands

Art Fair:
26.09.2018 > 30.09.2018
Opening :
18:00 > 22:00

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