September 8 - October 29, 2016

Haseeb Ahmed


Following his acclaimed Wind Egg experiment, Haseeb Ahmed presents "Wird".

On May 4th, the Wind Egg experiment was revealed at the NATO von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI) just outside of Brussels. The Wind and a Vulture met to realise an ancient Greek theory that the wind could fertilise animals and people as it does plants. Using modern wind tunnel technology the face of the Wind was conjured and communicated with before being introduced to Sparta, a female African-Vulture.

Five months later, the result is Wird, the home made for this inter-natural pair to co-inhabitate at Harlan Levey Projects. This exhibition marks the second instalment of an unfolding trilogy, which began at the VKI. The final episode will be held at M HKA in 2018 in collaboration with Senior Curator Nav Haq.

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