Benjamin Patterson: Stop Sitting on the Fence

About This Project

Curated by O. Rynell Cash

Benjamin Patterson (b. 1934, Pittsburg USA) is best known as a key figure and co-founder of the Fluxus Movement a series of artist projects and ideas most active in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Patterson is still very active in Fluxus having just recently completed/celebrated his 80th birthday through a series of performance works in Japan, United States and Germany. Patterson’s practices include visual arts, performance, and experimental music that challenge contemporary thought while at the same time helping to define it. The exhibition is comprised of artworks by Patterson that explore social theories and movements including a selection of ephemera, such as letters, announcements and instructions that give an overview of Mr. Patterson’s participation in Fluxus history, contemporary art practices and social advancement. The curator has organized the exhibition through an intentional juxtaposition of ideas, time and materials to focus on the message/s within each work showing contemporary art/art history as conveyors of change alongside aesthetics. The exhibition doesn’t set-out to be a definitive survey of Mr. Patterson’s involvement in specific causes but instead an overview of Patterson’s work that is engaged in the act of responsibility.


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