Ermias Kifleyesus: Materials

About This Project

Curated by O. Rynell Cash

Ermias Kifleyesus’s works spring from a place somewhere between knowledge and uncertainty, resulting in images, reproductions and installations that are familiar, yet unusual in contemporary practice. He creates a process driven work based on the passage of time and anonymous  interactions with  participants, orchestrating tensions between the public and environment to produce objects able to assist us in contemplating contemporary life while questioning the nature of art today. The exhibition Ermias Kifleyesus: MATERIALS explores the his interest in creating situations that are associated with rigorous and process-oriented conceptual practices carrying a romantic symbolism of independent work through collaborative means. MATERIALS also looks at how the artist has established his particular style of engaging with cities through a selection of works highlighting key conceptual and material strategies in his practice. Kifleyesus who has a formal background in figurative drawing and painting, chooses to use geographical presence, ideas and situations as the aesthetic value by which to define his work.