Jeroen Jongeleen: Traces, Shapes, Squares and Circles

About This Project

Instead of providing a thorough look at one body of work, this exhibition places several together. ‘Reference Points,’ ‘Emotional Cities,’ ‘Traces’ and ‘Running Shapes,’ build on projects exhibited here in 2012 such as ‘City Jewels,’ ‘Dirty Line as Landscape,’ and ‘Plastic Bag as a Jolly Roger.’ They consist of physical interventions that transform significance and alter our unsuspecting gaze as Jongeleen interrupts regulation to create cracks in the public landscape. Works from his ‘No Style/Geen Stijl’ project are also included.  This is a body that links to previous projects like ‘Inside Job’ and ‘Text Signs,’ which deal with what it means to be an artist in our time, and relationships between artist, institution and various forms of private patronage. During the exhibition, Jeroen gave a 142km/24 hour performance, running from  his studio in Rotterdam to the exhibition in Brussels and testifying to the distance between an idea and a work of art.

Exhibition Catalogue

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