Petr Davydtchenko

About This Project

Petr Davydtchenko was born in Arzamas, Russia in 1986 and moved to Sweden as a teenager. He graduated from the Konstfack University of Arts in Stockholm before earning a Master’s degree in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in London. A multi-disciplinary artist, Davydtchenko’s work includes performance, video, sculpture, photography and installations.


‘I work mostly site-specifically with staged interaction and sculpture. Utilising forms of video, installation and photography, my work suggests a radiation from somewhere inside of a new born feeling. My practice is rooted in the Fluxus Movement, which unpacks art, making it happen right here and right now, allowing raw materials to stand for themselves. I am interested in an art that can be viewed as an ethereal substance. Using occult symbolism combined with a minimalistic aesthetic and sometimes using myself as an object of focus, cultural meanings are explored and blended to rethink and reinterpret social codes. One of the main tools of connection between public, artwork and myself is ritual. By preparing props and loading the space for a particular event I strive to create a dimension where codes that are known to us lose their original meaning. The new meaning that is created becomes open and unique for everyone involved. I mostly focus on the themes of violence, fear and collapse of structures. I am interested in how things die from inside, I guess it is a violent cycle of life that fascinates me. But from this violence and chaos there is always a possibility of something being purified or reborn.’

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