Stefan Gross: Sustainable Trash

About This Project

Gross’ exhibition, ‘Sustainable Trash,’ is influenced from the ten years he spent becoming a Stain Glass master and the notions of color, idolatry and material he continued to explore. It also suggests a certain frustration at the consumer rules necessarily attributed to products meant for playing with. Toys in particular become a theme, as Gross fills them with human organs, laughs at death and creates new possibilities for play, sometimes even managing to alter these objects expressions.

“Stefan’s work transforms the gallery into a surreal kingdom of colorful plastic, plush toy animals and other sculptures, offering the visitor a trip into his own magic world. The exhibition starts very playful and light with a selection of recognizable pieces but the more you enter into the epicentrum of the show, the more Paul McCarthy-like sensation it evokes. The back room of the gallery is one giant parallel-universe: goodbye Xmas and jingle bells, this is the real stuff! Ho, ho, ho…” (