Willehad Eilers at PHK18

Willehad Eilers, Installation view at PHK18, 2018

Willehad Eilers is part of PHK18 #16: according to the line, a group show at Bureau voor kunst/PHK18 in Rotterdam revolving around drawing. Eilers is presenting a large scale mural for the occasion. On Thursday December 13th, from 20 to 22h, the participating artists will talk about their individual practices.
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Book launch “Pickering’s Harem”, Amélie Bouvier

Amélie Bouvier, Pickering’s Harem, 96 pages, 200 copies, 2018 published by Harlan Levey Projects

Pickering’s Harem” by Amélie Bouvier gathers all the works of the extensive like-named series of drawings produced by the artist during the period of 2017 – 2018. The catalogue, which includes a text by Allyson Unzicker, will be launched at Untitled Miami Beach.
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