Petr Davydtchenko featured in the Guardian.

Petr Davydtchenko at the Foundry in south-west France, with a rabbit found on the road. Photograph: Alicia Canter/for the Guardian

The Guardian has published an article about Petr Davydtchenko‘s Roadkill project and upcoming show at BPS22 in Charleroi with the a/political collection.

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Petr Davydtchenko in “US OR CHAOS” at BPS 22

Petr Davydtchenko, PIKNÍK NA OBÓČINE/ roadside-picnic, US OR CHAOS: Collection A/political

Petr Davydtchenko’s work will be presented at BPS22 during “US OR CHAOS”, which brings together around forty works of artists addressing socio-political issues. Curated by Becky Haghpanah-Shirwan, director of the a/political collection, “US OR CHAOS” brings together a selection of, at times quite extreme, works focussing on acts of opposition or individual disobedience.
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Art Brussels Gallery Night 2017

Friday April 21st, 18:00 – 21:00

On Art Brussels Gallery Night, we’re thrilled to open a solo exhibition from Petr Davydtchenko who presents his video installation “Voznesenie (Ascension),” first shown at the Moscow Biennale (for young art). It is a six channel work with images displayed horizontally, vertically and diagonally, giving an omnipresent aura to the man surfacing from the thick residual mud of the underground. In addition to this installation, Davydtchenko will also present a series of new paintings that shed more subtle light on the depicted ascension.

Petr Davydtchenko, Ascension

Petr Davydtchenko, Ascension