Amélie Bouvier: Eight Minutes Ago

12 September - 12 October 2019

Eight minutes is the delay with which we contemplate the image of the solar star. It is indeed the time traveled by a ray of light to reach us. This gap between reality and what we perceive of it lies at the heart of Amélie Bouvier's proposals. Even if the fascinating field of astrophysics is the starting point of Bouvier's research, her artistic practice is articulated more widely around a dialectic of deviations. Those that operate by distortions and the erasure of memory between an objective fact and what is retained from it; those that are deepened between rigorous observation and fantasized projection or the abyss separating the great History lines from the ones existing on side and margins. With a visual vocabulary drawn personally and sensitively from scientific imagery, Amélie Bouvier proposes narratives that summon and intertwine the domains of the visible and the invisible, reality and fiction.