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Art Review’s selection of five exhibitions to see by J.J. Charlesworth

“Being inside or outside the artworld is always a question for those who rub up against consensus opinion. Dutch Jeroen Jongeleen has since the late 1990s been active in the street art scene in his home city of Rotterdam and elsewhere. Straddling the line – or the wall – between the art gallery and the street, Jongeleen’s impersonal interventions occupy the inbetween spaces and hinterlands of capitalist urban space and commercial culture. Here, across Harlan Levey Projects’s two spaces, we get a recap of Jongeleen’s interventions; from the stacks of peeling advertising posters, removed from their street hoardings and carefully resprayed an anonymous silver or black, to the Running in Circles videoworks, in which Jongeleen runs in perfect circles, in various wasteland settings, his endless endurance running recorded from an aerial drone directly above. The politics of street art’s visibility to an artworld public is always an open question (did someone say Banksy?), but Jongeleen’s work arrives here as evidence, with the sense that he’s still out there, and that we’ll run into it on the street sooner or later.”


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September 11, 2021
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