TR ERICSSON - Talk at Untitled, Art Online

Join a guided tour of the UNTITLED, ART Online VR experience. In this tour, Artist TR Ericsson will discuss his solo booth presentation with Harlan Levey Projects. Ericsson's epic mixed-media project "Crackle & Drag" is a life's work, which takes on challenging social issues and existential concerns in an extremely intimate and vulnerable exploration of family history. Working in a variety of mediums Ericsson's deadpan photo-conceptualism has a graphic sensibility that often combines conventional printing technologies with surprising material and process twists that reflect the DIY punk spirit of his youth, as well as his training as a painter, printmaker and draughtsman.


TR Ericsson Talk at Untitled, Art Online 2020 from Harlan Levey Projects on Vimeo.



August 5, 2020
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