The Death of K9 Cigo
Recreational Painting
Ruach not Rauch
Chest Variations
Industrial Poems – Poèmes industriels
And a third of the waters became wormwood
Running A Circle Against The Wind, Counterclockwise, 2018, Video, 3min 03sec, Exhibition View
Amélie Bouvier, The Sun Conspiracy, instillation view, 2018
The Sun Conspiracy
Jordan Seiler, Civilian, installation view, 2017
Marcin Dudek, Steps and Marches, installation view, 2017
Steps and Marches
Hardscrabbled / From One Moment to Another
Petr Davydtchenko, Ascension, 6 source video Installation, 2016
Foundland Collective, Scenarios for Failed Futures, 2015, Still frame
A basement in the attic
Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Videosculpture XII, 2017
Everything Now is Measured by After
Roopa Vasudevan, Bellwether, 2016, Installation view
Star Spangled
Wird, Installation View
Imprints, Installation view
Eat, Shit, Smile
Do you speak synergy?
Alter Senator
I exhibit, therefore I die
All My Love, Always No Matter What
All the Brutes, Installation view
All the Brutes
Marcin Dudek, Saved by an Unseen Crack installation, 2015
Saved by an Unseen Crack