Marcin Dudek at Palazzo Mazzarino, Collateral events Manifesta 12

Marcin Dudek’s site-specific installation Giochi Senza Frontiere (2018) in Palazzo Mazzarino’s courtyard, will be part of the official collateral events of Manifesta 12 in Palermo. Addressing notions of heritage and identity within the context of Palermo’s history, the installation interrogates the effects of generations of migration on a society already comprised of a complex and layered lineage. During the course of the biennial, the work will be unforeseeably altered by the arrival of each new visitor.

Giochi Senza Frontiere is on view at Palazzo Mazzarino from 15 June until 4 November 2018.

Marcin Dudek, Giochi Senza Frontiere at Manifesta 12, mirror, wood, steel, electric motor, dimensions variable, installation view, Palazzo Mazzarino, Palermo, 2018

Amélie Bouvier “The Malpighian Layer”

Amélie Bouvier is exhibiting her “Small Accidents” series in the group show “The Malpighian Layer”, curated by Bruno Barsanti and Gabriele Tosiat at CAR DRDE in Bologna.

12.05.2018 – 28.07.2018

Artists: Amélie Bouvier, Inga Meldere, Giulio Saverio Rossi, Jonathan van Doornum, Theis Wendt

via Azzo Gardino 14/a
IT-40122 Bologna



Mu. ZEE: Emmanuel Van der Auwera – Blue Water White Death

Congratulations to Emmanuel Van der Auwera for his wonderful show “Blue Water White Death” at Mu.Zee. It runs until September 9th, 2018.

Facial recognition, eye tracking and dissected LCD screens are among the tools Emmanuel Van der Auwera uses to peel back layers of perception in an investigation of performative violence buried in the media landscape. From teenage trends, to grief over global terror, “Blue Water White Death” welcomes us to a place where the media you watch watches you back as internet myth matures into obsessive reality. Works in the exhibition include VideoSculptures, pieces from the “Memento” Series and the third and final film in a trilogy (“Certain Amount of Clarity,” “Central Alberta,” “Missing Eyes”).

Marcin Dudek in “Szczurołap”

Marcin Dudek is exhibiting his work, Tunnel Recording, in the group exhibition “Szczurołap”, curated by Piotr Lisowski, at MWW Muzeum Współczesne Wrocław in Wroclaw, Poland.

preview: 11/5/18, 7–9:30 PM

MWW, pl. Strzegomski 2a, 53-681 Wrocław, Poland

Marcin Dudek - Tunnel Recording

Tunnel Recording, 2006, Documentation of work in progress. Gaffer tape, parcel tape, adhesive film and spray paint. 1.8 x 2 x 4 m


Mystic Properties

Ella Littwitz will be part of the exhibition Mystic Properties developed in collaboration with HISK (High Institute for Fine Arts) in Ghent, and curated by Elena Sorokina.

She also have work in our booth (PRIME C20) at Art Brussels.

Ella Littwitz, In Situ Ex Situ Non Situ, 60x156x233 cm, mixed media, 2015

Ella Littwitz “And a third of the waters became wormwood”

Ella Littwitz’s solo exhibition “And a third of the waters became wormwood”, opening on Wednesday, April 18th, 2018  from 17:30 to 20:30

Ella Littwitz’s first solo exhibition with Harlan Levey Projects, which opens during the Art Brussels Gallery Night, continues a line of investigation into cultural, political and natural geographies established throughout her past work. Work presented in the exhibition specifically addresses human migration and nationalism in the Mediterranean area, investigating the dual nature of this geographic feature to the extent that it connects and separates, acting as both a junction as well as a barrier between the Global North and South.

With the kind support of Israeli embassy in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Ella Littwitz, De facto, international water, Coca Cola bottle, 31 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm, 2018

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Anton Kern Gallery x Harlan Levey Projects

A couple of images of the great one night only pop up exhibition we co-organized with Anton Kern Gallery at The Centrum last week, featuring work from John Bock, Amélie Bouvier, Marcin Dudek, Nicole Eisenman, TR Ericsson, Chris Martin, Alessandro Pessoli, Lara Schnitger, Jordan SeilerEmmanuel Van der Auwera. Special thanks to Lyssa Orchid for her support in Dallas.

TR Ericsson, Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018

Jordan Seiler, 115 Fluorescent Lights, 2017, Fluorescent lights, furniture bands, dia. 17  x  h. 60 in (dia.43 x h.150 cm), Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018

Marcin Dudek, Sean Crossley Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018

TR Ericsson, Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018

Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Jordan Seiler, Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018

Amélie Bouvier, Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018

Marcin Dudek, Amélie Bouvier & Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Dallas Pop Up installation view, 2018


Drawing in the New Machine Age

The New Machine Age promises to surpass the limits of human knowledge, ability and desire. Drawing by hand seems obsolete. At the same time, it remains an essential tool for artists and scientists. In the context of Amelie Bouvier’s exhibition “The Sun Conspiracy” the artist will discuss the significance of drawing in artistic and scientific practice with brain scientist and well-known manga artist Minye Zhan (Jane Mere).

Moderated by Beatrice de Gelder.

February 3rd

15:00 – 17:00

Harlan Levey Projects

46 Rue Jean d’Ardennestraat

Amélie Bouvier, 67P, Indian ink on canvas, 200x155cm (78.7x61in), 2017

Amélie Bouvier, 67P, indian ink on canvas, 200x155cm (78.7x61in), 2017

In discussion with Marcin Dudek and Dr John Rijsman

To celebrate the release of Issue 11 of The Third Rail, Harlan Levey Projects will be hosting a discussion between Marcin Dudek and Dr. John Rijsman on hooliganism, group dynamics and crowd control. This will be the first chance to get the new issue and participate in this conversation between artist and scientist with overlapping research areas.

The discussion will be held at 15:00h on October 21st 2017 in Harlan Levey Projects, 46 Rue Jean d’Ardenne, 1050 Brussels.

Zach Bruder is part of

Zach Bruder, En Route, Acrylic and Flashe on canvas, 16×12 inches, 2017

Dogs is curated by Oliver Clegg and Austin Lee and runs from 23 May until 5 June 2017.

Location: Raymond Duck, 173 Green Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Artists: Austin Lee, Caroline Walker, Daniel Heidkamp, Dustin Metz, Eduard Alfonso, Hayley Josephs, Hein Koh, Henry Hudson, Jayson Musson, Jeanette Hayes, Jen Packer, Julienne Cheyenne, Kirsten Deirup, Laurence Owen, Marc Dalessio, Maria Keyn, Mark Gibson, Melissa Brown, Nikki Maloof, Olaf Breunning, Oliver Clegg, Rachel Rossin, Sanam Khatibi, Sanya Kantarovsky, Sophie Larrimore, Walter Robinson, Zach Bruder

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Expo Chicago 2017

Expo Chicago was an outstanding fair. Congrats to Tony Karman and his wonderful team!

Here are some images from our booth in the Exposure section curated by Justine Ludwig.

Expo Chicago, Harlan Levey Projects' booth

Expo Chicago, Harlan Levey Projects’ booth

Winner of the Discovery Prize, Art Brussels 2017

We are honored to have been selected as the winner of the ‘Discovery Prize’ at Art Brussels. Visit us today through Sunday in booth D07.

Harlan Levey Projects, Booth D07, Art Brussels, 2017

Harlan Levey Projects, Booth D07, Art Brussels, 2017

New Proposals at Zona Maco

“Harlan Levey Projects booth was particularly outstanding with crypto-cyber works by Amelie Bouvier, Marcin Dudek and Emmanuel Van der Auwera. Dudek’s densely collaged circuitry of knife-cut gaffer tape suggests mechanical wizardry within mundane monochrome.” – Berlin Art Link

Harlan Levey Projects, Zona Maco, Installation View

Harlan Levey Projects, Zona Maco, Installation View

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