We are the people. Who are you? in Art Monthly

Emmanuel Van der Auwera, White Noise, 2018, Manipulated LCD screen, video, tripod with plexiglass, Dimensions variable, Edition of 5 + 1AP

Art Monthly published a thoughtful review of “We are the people. Who are you?”, a group show at Edel Assanti in London featuring work from Emmanuel Van der Auwera. (more…)

White Noise in ARTnews

ARTnews has published an article about Dallas Art Fair’s new space, 214 Projects. The space will officially open with “White Noise“, Emmanuel Van der Auwera’s very first solo exhibition in the US. (more…)

White Noise by Emmanuel Van der Auwera in Patron Magazine

Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Memento detail (Farewell, Red), 2019, Newspaper, .3mm aluminum offset plates mounted on aluminum frame, 131.8 × 287.8 × 3.5 cm / 51 9/10 × 113 3/10 × 1 2/5 in

Patron Magazine published an interesting conversation between Dallas-based collector Jordan Ford and Emmanuel Van der Auwera on the occasion of the latter’s upcoming solo show at 214 Projects in Dallas. “White Noise”, which opens on March 2nd, 2019, will be the inaugural exhibition of this new addition to the contemporary art scene in Dallas.


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Ella Littwitz at ADN Platform

Ella Littwitz, A Moon in Ramallah is a Star in Hebron, 2017, 17 Embroidered tablecloths, various dimensions

Ella Littwitz is part of the group show “Real Beauty”, curated by Oriol Fontdevila. “Real Beauty” revisits the idea of beauty in contemporary art  through the works of five local and international artists. (more…)

Ella Littwitz at Galleria silvestre

Ella Littwitz, Untitled (structure T), 2014, concrete, 32 x 23 x 23 cm

Ella Littwitz is part of the group show “Así que pasen cinco años” to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of Galería silvestre. The show is composed of keyworks by 13 artists who have been represented by or collaborated with the gallery during the last 5 years. (more…)

Ella Littwitz in The Production of Space II

Ella Littwitz, Seam Rezone (special edition 1), 2015, Leather footballs, 15 x 310 x 220 cm. Installation view at The Production of Space II, Ghent

Ella Littwitz is part of the group show “The Production of Space II” in Ghent curated by Felix Fasolt and Guy Slabbinck. (more…)

Ella Littwitz at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen

Ella Littwitz, A Moon in Ramallah is a Star in Hebron, 2017, Embroidered tablecloths, various dimensions

Ella Littwitz’ upcoming solo show, “The Promise”, in Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen combines installations, sculptures, drawings, and embroideries addressing issues of territorialisation, nationalism, border politics and migration. “The Promise” is curated by Maren Brauner. (more…)

Haseeb Ahmed – upcoming solo exhibition ‘Ruach not Rauch’

This is Haseeb Ahmed‘s second solo show at Harlan Levey Projects in Brussels. Opening during Art Brussels’ Gallery Night.


Finissage of Andrea Éva Győri – Chest Variations

Andrea Éva Győri, Chestmassage, 2018, HD Video, 9:52 minutes

Please join us for the finissage of Andrea Éva Győri’s solo exhibition, Chest Variations. In Győri’s practice, performance, video, sculpture and painting are used to deal with a certain sensual potential, enclosed by taboos related to the body, mental and physical disease, cultural norms, family, and femininity.


Ella Littwitz participates in a group exhibition ‘Seeds of the Land’

Ella Littwitz, Uproot detail, 2015, Wood, seeds, microscopic slides, tubes and petri dish

Ella Littwitz participates in a group exhibition entitled ‘Seeds of the Land’, from March 29 til November 2019.  The exhibition is a joint project of Da’at HaMakom: Center for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

Curator: Tamar Manor-Friedman  (more…)

TR Ericsson at Dallas Museum of Art

TR Ericsson, American Tragedy, 2017, Graphite, resin and funerary ash on muslin, 96.5 × 127 cm (38×50 in)

TR Ericsson‘s work will be featured in “America Will Be!: Surveying the Contemporary Landscape”, a group show at Dallas Museum of Art drawing on works from its permanent collection. (more…)

Ella Littwitz at The Israeli Center for Digital Art

Ella Littwitz, Uproot, 143 drawings, pencil on paper, 2014 Book, 2014, 156 pages In 1941 Dr. M. Zohary published the book The weeds of Palestine and their control, “hassadeh”, Tel Aviv. Image: Avi Bohbot

Ella Littwitz will be exhibiting work in the group show “Flowers of our Land” in The Israeli Center for Digital Art, curated by Udi Edelman. (more…)

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Art Brussels 2019 – PRIME Booth C13 & SOLO Booth C11

TR Ericsson, Cowboy, 2019, Powdered paint pigment, resin and alcoholic cocktail (Grapefruit Juice and Vodka), 30.5×40.6 cm (12×16 in)

We are pleased to participate in this year’s edition of Art Brussels, where we will be presenting work by Amélie Bouvier, Marcin Dudek, Haseeb AhmedTR EricssonAndrea Éva Győri along with a solo booth of Emmanuel Van der Auwera.

Art Brussels: PRIME Booth C13 – SOLO Booth C11: 25/04 – 28/04/2019

UNTITLED Miami 2018

Amélie Bouvier, Marcin Dudek, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Installation view, Harlan Levey Projects at Untitled Miami

Harlan Levey Projects will be presenting new works by Amélie Bouvier, Marcin Dudek and Emmanuel Van der Auwera at Untitled Miami Beach 2018.
Come find us at booth C2 Untitled Miami Beach

Fair: 05.12.2018 > 09.12.2018
More information here
Artsy preview

EXPO Chicago 2017 – Exposure

TR Ericsson, Emmanuel Van der Auwera, Installation view, Harlan Levey Projects at EXPO Chicago 2017 – Exposure

Expo Chicago was an outstanding fair. Congrats to Tony Karman and his wonderful team! Here are some images from our booth in the Exposure section curated by Justine Ludwig.

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