PRESS | HLP 1080 & Studio Khachatryan

Article in The Design Edit

"Featuring a double-height exhibition hall below for Harlan Levey Projects’ ground-breaking shows and Khachatryan’s workshop in a loft above, the 440-square-meters complex was completely refurbished by the designer during an intensive two-year period. Completed earlier this month, the project stands as a testament to his minimalistic and mathematically inspired aesthetic. “I didn’t want to make a crazy statement but rather keep the industrial rawness of the space,” the designer explains. “For me, luxury can be achieved with low-budget materials that are durable. The walls we painted in white are made out of cement and will last a long time. It’s simple but effective.”


The Design Edit wrote an article about the opening of our second gallery in Brussels Harlan Levey Projects 1080, a space that we are very proud to share with our friends of Studio Khachatryan. 

April 21, 2021
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