PRESS | Sheida Soleimani

Interview with Lenscratch

Sheida Soleimani was interviewed by Vicente Cayuela for Lenscratch.



"Photography itself can be an act of aggression. Aiming, shooting, distorting and cutting are all violent gestures. With their fascination with dismemberment, Soleimani’s tableaux memorialize fragmented subjects while making tangible the real threat of falling victim to physical, mental, and political subjugations. Any reassortment of photographic fragments is ultimately another Promethean cycle: a torturous investigation of our human preoccupation with destruction and regeneration, captivity and freedom, oppression and revolution. At a moment when photography’s long history of social control and racial, ethnic, gender and political violence is resurgent, Sheida Soleimani’s urgent work reminds us that photography, now more than ever, cannot merely react. It must counteract and steer our collective compass toward justice and, ultimately, freedom."


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November 18, 2022