Haseeb Ahmed wins 2020 EWS Environmental Arts and Science Residency Program

Haseeb Ahmed is the second winner of the three year Science Gallery Venice Earth Water Sky residency programme funded by Didier et Martine Primat Foundation.


His proposal combines sculpture, architecture, performance and film in order to engage and work with both the audience of Science Gallery Venice as well as the people of Venice in a potentially unique, ground-breaking and dynamic artistic process which will also have a digital life.

The jury statement reads: “In this time of great global uncertainty, Haseeb Ahmed’s  process and practice which concentrates on the relations between people, artefacts and nature shows a new way of art-making for the 21st century which engages the mind, body and soul. In addition, at this particular moment  which we are all experiencing, which is currently limiting the normal course of cultural activities, Haseeb showed the most imaginative way of beginning the residency, even if there is the possibility of not being present.”


Watch Haseeb Ahmed's winning proposal here

More information here

March 25, 2020