Willehad Eilers at Concordia, Enschede

The exhibition “May All Your Dreams Come True” is full of ambiguous moments that could just as easily lead to glory or disaster, personal triumph, public calamity or not much at all. Building on video works like “German Cash Coach” or “You are a Must,” paintings of motivational slogans are at once monstrous and hopeful, colorful and dark. Larger works form cultural portraits, which are both beautiful and grotesque, pictures of pop culture gone wrong, which somehow feel so right. These new paintings have a sense of stylish frosting covering a cake. Loads of icing and shiny glaze, but an absence of calories, judgment, and taboo, as everyday situations get stripped bare in a way that despair, joy and laughter seem to pour out of them hand in hand.

On the occasion of the exhibition a new publication by Willehad Eilers "May All Your Dreams Come True" is released.  Featuring texts by Sasha Boghe, Harlan Levey and Petra Boonstra.  Designed by Studio Kern.

September 10, 2020
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