Andrea Éva Győri Estate


Andrea Éva Győri (1985 - 2022) lived and worked in Rotterdam. Győri's very personal, very intimate kind of storytelling is unique. She implements these stories in a wide range of works, such as performances, videos, installations, sculptural works and drawings. Her body of work raises questions about family and femininity, the self-image and self-assessment in a way that reveals the viewers position towards themselves. Proximity to her protagonists is of major importance to her. A skilled observer of human relations, she takes up the role of observer, participant and examined person at the same time. This allows her to join the collaborating participants in a mutual exploration of subjects of general concern, such as physical and psychological needs, fantasies, sexuality, phobia, fun, pain, cultural norms and their overcoming. Andrea Éva Győri graduated in Fine Arts at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Stuttgart, in the class of Christian Jankowski, Mike Bouchet and Felix Ensslin. She studied (East Asian) Oriental Painting at Hongik University in Seoul (South Korea) and followed a guest course in Human Anatomy and Autopsy at the Medical University of Budapest. Győri has presented her work at international institutions, including Haus der Kunst (Munich, DE), the Jan Van Eyck Academie (Maastricht, BE), Ludwig Museum (Budapest, HU), Vleeshal Center for Contemporary Art (Middelburg, NL), Grimmuseum gUG (Berlin, DE), Manifesta (Zürich, CH and Amsterdam, NL), Art Brussels 35th, Mikve Gallery (Budapest, HU), Victoria Art Center, (Bucharest, RO), SeMA NANJI Exhibition Hall by Seoul Museum of Art (KR), Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taipei, TW) and /si:n/ festival of Videoart and Performance (biennial, Ramallah, PS). Her work was awarded the Esterházy Art Award in 2019.