Star Spangled: Brad Feuerhelm, Jeroen Jongeleen, Doug Rickard, Roopa Vasudevan

10 November - 17 December 2016

In the aftermath of the US elections, this group exhibition deals with repetition, gaze, technology and public perception of political discourse.

In the front room of the gallery, three works will be displayed including videos from Doug Rickard's acclaimed project "National Anthem" and Jeroen Jongeleen's ephemeral land artwork "Running Shapes." Images from Brad Feuerhelm's new book "Goodbye America" will also be shown parallel to its release at Paris Photo.

In the back room of the gallery is #bellwether by Roopa Vasudevan, which was originally commissioned by SPACES (cleveland, OH), as part of the SWAP (SPACES world artists program) residency (May 20-July 29, 2016).

#bellwether is a data collection project designed to dig deeper into the true political desires of the voting population of Ohio, a state that is regarded as vital to the endgame of both parties.

Outcomes manifest as campaign merchandise that co-opts the design language of the presidential campaigns, but instead of reflecting the candidates' curated messages, the artifacts created will represent how Ohio residents perceive them. They will be exhibited in a monthly timeline, displaying how perceptions of each presidential candidate shift and change over the course of primary season-just like the content, positions, and tones presented by the campaigns themselves.