Marcin Dudek in Artforum

The new year started off with Adam Jasper's "Critic's pick" in Artforum, describing Marcin Dudek's solo exhibition Slash & Burn I in our gallery as:


"Very original work induces a particular kind of hesitation, a feeling of neither/nor that allows it to slip through the net of instant categorization and that at first confrontation appears unintended, as if the work had applied for membership in a familiar category and failed. One indicator of significance in such art is that this accidental appearance will, with a little attention, reveal itself to be the product of an internal logic. In the case of Dudek’s piece, the imagery was only at first glance abstract. Getting closer, one saw recognizable figures pushed to the edge of decipherability, like ghosts caught within an ikat weave. Parts of the image looked as if they had been passed through paper shredders and reassembled, like documents rescued from the archives of fallen dictatorships. The horizontal strips also evoked the transmission and tracking errors of the analog technologies of not so long ago. As one stepped back again, the array of colored rectangles recalled a bank of television screens."


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January 4, 2021
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