EVENT | Jeroen Jongeleen

Participative workshop Jeroen Jongeleen x Park Ninoofsepoort
In collaboration with No New Enemies, we are pleased to present “Jeroen Jongeleen × Park Ninoofsepoort”, a participative crossover project that combines art and sports in a hybrid workshop.
On Saturday May 15th, visual artist Jeroen Jongeleen will lead a workshop during which a group of participants will create a collaborative “drawing” by running in the public park. Jongeleen will be accompanied by physical therapist and personal trainer Harold Marreyt (Kinetik VUB). This participatory action will be documented and used to create photographs and video, which will be the basis for a future exhibition. The project will engage a diverse public who are united by a love of running and an interest in being part of the cultural conversation.
For this project, No New Enemies has teamed up with the Molenbeek Rebels, a local all-female basketball club with a strong educational focus and social footprint, geared towards personal development and empowerment.
This event is supported by the Culturele Activiteitenpremie of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap.
May 15, 2021