PRESS | HLP 1080

Interview in TL Magazine

TL Magazine sat down with our director, Harlan Levey, for a nice conversation on the opening of our new space, Harlan Levey Projects 1080.


"We were looking for a place that could house studios for artists, and a bigger exhibition platform that could function as a kind of kunsthal with long, slow shows rather than a quick turnover. We think of the gallery as a laboratory for thought and transdisciplinary exchange, so where we are matters less than the space we construct. Something you learn in the arts as a very key skill is flexibility. Even in our small space in Ixelles, we rebuild the walls and the architecture for almost every exhibition. We love this ability to contextualise a space, because context is a very important factor in the way we read the world. So ultimately it wasn’t about choosing Molenbeek so much as choosing a building, but I’m also very excited to be in Molenbeek because there are a lot of cultural actors here and loads of potential. It’s vibrant and exciting."

April 30, 2021
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