PRESS | Marcin Dudek

Exhibition Review in Frieze

Marcin Dudek's current exhibition "Slash & Burn II" was reviewed by Wilson Tarbox for Frieze

"Dudek’s work is neither a glorification nor a denunciation of hooliganism: there is no moralizing subtext. Rather, ‘Slash & Burn II’ is the artist’s musings on his good fortune at having escaped his upbringing through art. Within this context, his use of soft or intangible materials, traditionally coded as feminine, could be read as a parable for his ‘redemption’ from ritualized male violence by enacting the opposing manual rituals. Despite the specific political and historical context from which they emerged, however, the story of delinquency, escape and redemption posed by these works could come from anywhere. It is this rare display of universality that allows the exhibition to transcend language and history, packing a powerfully cathartic punch."


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July 27, 2021