EVENT | Haseeb Ahmed

Haseeb Ahmed at International Symposium

Haseeb Ahmed presents  his project The Wind Egg Experiment at the online International Symposium “The Imaginary of the Wind“ held on 26 and 27 March 2022, hosted by the Kansai University, Japan . His contribution starts at 11:40 today. 


"The concept of the wind egg can be traced back over 3,000 years to the cultures of ancient Egypt, Greece, India, China, and the Arab people. It postulates that animals and people can reproduce using the wind as plants do. Over the course of four years, I worked with engineers developing cutting-edge wind tunnel technology at an institute on the outskirts of Brussels to make the wind egg a reality. This endeavor was publicized via a trilogy of exhibitions and an artist book. By bringing this history to bear on the present, the “Wind Egg Experiment” explores the possibility of human reproduction without men using the wind; in this way, technology liberates both men and the wind from their original natures. The following presentation summarizes this artistic, academic, and scientific project and reflects on its effects." (Haseeb Ahmed)


You can read the detailed programme of the symposium here and register/watch here (26 March) and here (27 March).

March 26, 2022