PRESS | Haseeb Ahmed

Update on Haseeb Ahmed’s Starts4Water residency

S+T+Arts4Water Journal recently published an update on research phase of Haseeb
Ahmed’s residency:

“Based in Brussels for his S+T+ARTS project, Haseeb Ahmed wants to explore the
journey that pharmaceuticals take from the point of human consumption and
excretion to water streams and nonhuman life. His aim is to look for evidence of
antidepressants and birth control in the ecosystem and to highlight the discrepancy
between the necessity of these drugs versus the polluting effects they may have on the
world around us.  (...) Although it is still too early to discuss befores and afters, Haseeb expects his project to eventually take the shape of a sculptural installation, thereby using

technologies and tools that are used by his partners in water treatment. He wants to
take what already exists and present it in a new, tangible way. “One of the main,
potentially unpleasant aspects is that 90% of pharmaceutical pollution comes from
human urine. After medicine has its effect and is consumed it gets released though the
urine stream. I would like to make this an aspect of my artwork, however I might want
to consider the shock value this might have on my audience…” 


To read the whole update and to follow the process of his research, visit this link.

March 4, 2022