Amélie Bouvier: The Sun Conspiracy

11 January - 3 March 2018

Models, predictions, errors and the unknown, informed by astronomy, aerial imaging techniques and the history of science, Amélie Bouvier works between material and metaphysical modes of perception. Through pictures, astronomers try to give form to what is visible only through calculation and deduction. Bouvier deconstructs and distorts this visual narrative by adopting strategies that mimic mechanical repetitions and mutate grids to magnify moments in science where error is unavoidable and often invisible. With the cosmos in consideration, works in this exhibition deal with problems of knowledge and how to know what is not known, cannot be known or has been forgotten. Drawings in "The Sun Conspiracy" build on previous series of work such as "Small Accidents" and "Place it High for More Impact," commemorating historical information, events and ways of looking while transforming them. These are complimented by two sculptures and a single work with research documentation.