Amélie Bouvier


Amélie Bouvier’s artistic practice builds from historical research in the field of astronomy to question issues related to cultural memory and collective heritage. Astronomers in particular, and scientists in general, don’t only explain the world, they also represent it through the construction of diagrams, illustrations, photographs or equations. For Bouvier, scientific imagery is an extension of knowledge that reveals ideological and ethical frameworks, which risk cloaking aspects of the reality they aim to represent. She is particularly interested in the sky and stars as a landscape that exposes current socio-political contradictions and knowledge gaps. While her work is based on historical facts, data and visuals, she consistently mixes this with speculative imagery, adapting tools and techniques to present alternative potentialities. 

She has had several noteworthy exhibitions including those at The Arsenal Gallery (Białystok, PL), Aomori Contemporary Art Center (JP), Sesc Ipiranga (São Paulo, BR), Museo Patio Herreriano (Valladolid, ES), Biennale Chroniques 2022 (Aix-en-Provence, FR), Verão Lisbon (PT), the Verbeke Foundation (Kemzeke, BE) and Museu Da Cidade (Lisbon, PT). Her work has been included in the 16th Cerveira International Art Biennial (PT). She is the winner of the 2016 Hors-d’oeuvre prize, awarded by ISELP (Brussels, BE) and in addition to her personal work, she is co-founder of Uncertainty Scenarios, a project hosted by Enough Room for Space (Drogenbos, BE). Bouvier lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.